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Ebike Battery charging station

OEM ODM Intelligent Outdoor Self-Charging Battery Charging 

or Swapping Station Cabinet For Electric bicycle E-bike Battery e-scooter kiosk

Up to 6、10、12、24、36、48 BOX, 10 inch touch screen

Fire protection Fireproof function(certificated)

Model Number VL22101224

Fire protection Fireproof function(certificated)


l  Up to 61012243648 BOX, 10 inch touch screen

l  TOP can be light box or add an advertising media screen, 27inch or 32inch TV

l  Professional SOLUTION with space for Camera

l  Safety solution, fireproof

l  When the machine is full, with reminding function.

l  Professional outdoor solution with roof

l  Metal frame, welded construction,

l  LOCAL OEM software is welcome.

l  Online management systemApp developing , Localized online payment system (optional)

l  Application occasions: Public occasions, such as Bus/train station, Airport, Shopping mall, Squares, Community, School, apartment, Commercial building, hospital clinc and so on.

l  Application commodity: batter size less than 35cm x30cm x25cm

l  IP54

Profit estimate: Use VL221012 data to estimate





Model No.

VL221006(6 door machine)

VL221010(10 door machine)

VL221012(12 door machine)

VL22101224(24 door machine)

VL22101236(36 door machine)

VL22101248(48 door machine)

Payment system

Online membership card, pre-pay system, Support   e-wallet, like Stripe In Europe, Grab pay, Touch & Go in Southeast Asia;   end user software can be iOS APP and Android APK

Or Touch screen plus the bank card reader.

Accept Coin/Bill(Bank notes)

Coin and Bill acceptor (your local currency);

give back coin or bill change back (give change system,)

Bank card, IC Card, ID Card, VIP card, membership card

Online pay: PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, AliPay, Wechat   Pay , G Pay, or etc.

Online system


Oversea   cloud server, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Germany
  Support by the AI data analysis system integrates modern technologies of big   data and deep learning, provides in-depth mining and analysis of operation   and maintenance data, provides in-depth mining and analysis of operation and   maintenance data, effectively, improves operation and maintenance efficiency,
  optimizes operation and maintenance regulations, and achieves efficient, operation   and maintenance Reduce staff and increase efficiency to provide data support



Capacity of commodity

box size 30 x 45x 25cm


More than300 pcs coin or 300 bills

Machine size

Machine size only

1050mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X1 (6 doors SIZE)

1850mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X1 (10 doors SIZE)

2050mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X1 (12 doors SIZE)

2050mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X2 (24 doors SIZE)

2050mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X3 (36 doors SIZE)

2050mm(H)×800mm(W)×480 mm(D) X4 (48 doors SIZE)

Roof size 800mm x 800mm x 350mm

With Package2150mm(H) x900mm (W) x 550mm (D)


G.W: 160KG   N.W 105KG


Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V

Plug: EU / AU / US / UK / JP / Universal / For   Italy / For Brazil / For Australia / New Zealand


 110-120V;   220-230V; 380V

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