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  • New reverse vending Cube platform gamifies recycling


    New reverse vending Cube platform gamifies recycling
    Promotes recycling by making it worthwhile

  • Like! Nine teenagers from Beijing have won gold at the global "Robot Olympics"


    Like! 9 Beijing teenagers win gold at Global 'Robot Olympics' Beijing Daily client 2023-10-13 17:01 Beijing Daily client | Reporter and Guan Xin correspondent He Xuguo at the 7th Robotics Global Challenge held in Singapore from October 6 to 10. Nine Chinese contestants competed with teenagers from 191 countries or regions, and after 3 rounds of 16 competitions, they finally won the first place in the total score, making a historic breakthrough in China, and won the "Zhang Heng Engineering Design Gold Medal" of the competition. The FIRST Robotics Global Challenge (FGC), known as the "Olympics of Robotics," is an international competition for 14-18 year olds that takes place every year. The competition builds robots through team collaboration and uses machines in the competition

  • Smart vending machines are proliferating in China and Southeast Asia


    Smart vending machines surge in China and Southeast Asia In the context of retail exploration of unmanned stores and combined with e-commerce and other new generation of sales forms, Asia's smart vending machines have taken the lead in the world. Smart vending machine "TAOBIN" (Bangkok, photography: Kobayashi Ken) In the five years to 2022, Malaysia's vending machine sales increased by 70%, China increased by 40%, Singapore and Thailand also increased by about 10%. Mobile payment penetration in Asia is high and security is relatively good, with low risks of theft and vandalism. High labor costs also blow the east wind for no one to sell... In China and Southeast Asia, the use of IT-enabled smart vending machines has soared. The reason besides smartphone payment is more than other countries

  • Booth change dojo, Sensetime Technology Yuan Radish AI chess robot in Tech G to chess friends


    Booth to dojo, Shang Tang Technology Yuan Radish AI chess robot in Tech G with chess friends 2023-10-13 15:53:30 Xianning News Network "Careful black dragon to be caught", "the next step of the river patrol car to the bottom of the general", this fierce go, chess scenes are not from the real field, but appear at the scene of the science and technology exhibition. The skilled opponent is not a human chess king, but an AI chess robot that has "hands and eyes" and can autonomously take the move. On October 12, the Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Show (Tech G 2023), a technology industry event for the Asia-Pacific and global markets, opened with the theme of "New entrance to smart life" to promote innovation, promote consumption and improve the future. As a leading artificial intelligence company in the industry, SenseTime Technology has brought the "Yuan radish SenseRobot" AI

  • Hot spots | each show his magic! Nearly 600 robots show off their skills


    Hot spots | each show his magic! Nearly 600 robots show off their skills


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