Hot spots | each show his magic! Nearly 600 robots show off their skills

"Come and taste the taste of ice cream made by collaborative robots", "minimally invasive robots can also 'operate' roses", "spot welding robots not only free the hands of workers and masters, but also greatly improve work efficiency"... At the scene of the 2023 World Robot Expo, exhibitors are enthusiastically introducing the skills of various robots.

From August 16 to 22, the robot Expo of "Robot +" 10 application scenarios created by the museum for the first time officially met with the audience. Nearly 600 robots integrating "cool" technology, "tide" experience, and "new" life concepts "show off technology" on the same field, outlining the picture of robots accelerating into daily life.

热点 | 各显神通!近600个机器人同场“炫技”


”Medical robot 'smart and capable'

"Lao Yang, it's time to take blood pressure medicine." When it was time to take the medicine, I saw a white medicine box pop up on the left side of the robot. This is an AI family robot, including family doctor, family companionship, home entertainment, safety guard 4 plates, each plate is detailed, can solve the elderly home care safety care, health monitoring, life greeting and family care needs. "Xiao Luo also has a pair of 'smart eyes' to monitor whether the elderly in the family have fallen, and he has specially set up an emergency help function. When he touches the button, the emergency contact's mobile phone will ring a warning tone." Beijing Lobide Technology Co., Ltd. product manager Niu Chaoran said.

热点 | 各显神通!近600个机器人同场“炫技”

Nearby, a white robot that looks like a small refrigerator and can talk and commute autonomously attracted many people to watch. "This is a hospital distribution robot, waiting for nurses to 'assign work' 24 hours a day, regularly going to the equipment department to work, automatically returning to the charging pile at the point, turning and taking the elevator by itself, shuttling between the pharmacy and the ward to 'run errands' to deliver medicine." Niu said the robot is so "smart and capable" because it is equipped with wide-angle, depth cameras and ultrasonic radar, which can not only ride the ladder through the gate itself, but also record when medical staff pick up and place items.

热点 | 各显神通!近600个机器人同场“炫技”

A yellow Chinese rose is undergoing "surgical treatment" at the Shanghai Minimally invasive Medical Robot exhibition area. A surgeon's console, a patient side operation vehicle and a set of imaging system are the three major pieces needed for endoscopic surgery robots. The operating vehicle next to the "patient" rose is equipped with a robotic arm holding a cavity mirror and supporting surgical instruments. The cavity mirror extends the surgeon's line of sight into the patient's body, and the robotic arm simulates its hands. In simple terms, this is equivalent to synchronizing the doctor's eyes and hands to the surgical robot, achieving "co-frequency resonance". According to the staff of the exhibition area, the endoscopic surgery robot can improve the accuracy and safety of surgery, and is widely used in urology, gynecology, chest and general surgery.

热点 | 各显神通!近600个机器人同场“炫技”


The machine "new farmer" is diligent and "wise" in picking fruit

On the other side of the exhibition area, the "machine farmers" who work hard on farmland in the outskirts of Beijing on weekdays also came to show their talents.

Aim at the fruit, extend the mechanical arm, grab it and turn it gently, put it on the conveyor belt, store it... The multi-armed apple picking robot works quickly and skillfully, picking 400-550 fruits per hour.

热点 | 各显神通!近600个机器人同场“炫技”

"The integrated harvesting robot can greatly reduce the management cost of orchards, and has been demonstrated in orchards such as Haidian District and Changping District." According to the person in charge of the exhibition area, this robot is specially designed for dwarf close-planted orchards, and its four rectangular coordinate robot arms and four sets of fruit information acquisition devices integrate the three functions of "fruit picking, fruit receiving and fruit storage" to achieve full automatic harvesting, and can work continuously day and night.

The cloud intelligent agricultural picking robot machine is a typical "Hui" picking "new farmers", it can accurately identify the type of fruit, fruit state, fruit coordinates, fruit stalk position, can effectively replace manual, quickly and lossless completion of picking and loading and transferring operations. For a long time, the concentration of carbon dioxide involved in photosynthesis in industrial greenhouses far exceeds the concentration of carbon dioxide in the normal outdoor environment, which is not suitable for staff to work for a long time. "This robot mainly serves the standardized industrial intelligent greenhouse, it is controlled by the cloud brain, in the track driving environment to achieve automatic identification of crop maturity, automatic operation, automatic transfer, start and stop, intermittent operation and other functions, instead of manual greenhouse picking, leaf breaking, flowers and other crop farming, can work 24 hours a day." Da, vice president Chen Yuan said.

The whole unmanned farm exhibition area, for tomatoes, strawberries, melons and different types of fruit and vegetable research and development of picking robots have shown their unique work, a lively "abundant" scene really attracted the eye. Looking at the 45,000 square meters of robot Expo site, you can see intelligent robots showing excellent skills everywhere...






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