Booth change dojo, Sensetime Technology Yuan Radish AI chess robot in Tech G to chess friends

Booth change dojo, Sensetime Technology Yuan Radish AI chess robot in Tech G to chess friends

2023-10-13 15:53:30     

"Be careful that the black dragon will be caught", "the next step of the river patrol car should go to the bottom of the general", this fierce Weiqi and chess scenes are not from the real field, but appear at the scene of the science and technology exhibition. The skilled opponent is not a human chess king, but an AI chess robot that has "hands and eyes" and can autonomously take the move.

On October 12, the Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Show (Tech G 2023), a technology industry event for the Asia-Pacific and global markets, opened with the theme of "New entrance to smart life" to promote innovation, promote consumption and improve the future. As a leading artificial intelligence company in the industry, SenseRobot AI chess robot Go and chess version brought by Sensetime has attracted much attention. Through visual positioning and robotic arm chess moves, it can bring the audience the experience of black technology chess like a real person on the real board, which not only promotes the traditional Chinese culture, but also shows the family wisdom A new trend in life.

With the application of revolutionary technologies represented by artificial intelligence, 5G, and big data, the consumer technology industry has stepped into the era of intelligence. More and more smart devices have entered the family, and have become an important companion for people's study, life and entertainment with smaller shapes and more convenient interactive experiences. Thanks to SenseTime's leading AI vision technology and robotic arm technology, the "SenseRobot" AI chess robot has brought industrial-grade AI technology into thousands of households, just like a new member of the family, so that ordinary consumers can experience the fun of man-machine confrontation through a physical robot that can be placed on the desk.


At the Tech G scene, many viewers were attracted by the cool "little astronaut" appearance of "Yuan Radish" and the precise and flexible robot arm of "Yuan Radish", and more senior chess fans were eager to try and couldn't wait to challenge "Yuan Radish". Some choose the "Yuan radish" chess power through the mode, step by step to test their own chess level, and some directly into the peak duel mode, to compete with the highest chess power of "Yuan Radish". The man-machine war is tense and exciting, and the scenes of children playing chess and parents' moves are everywhere, and the onlookers are also interested and offer suggestions.


As a home intelligent product that can "hold and play chess", the "Yuan Rado SenseRobot" AI chess robot provides a new choice for children and chess players who learn Go or chess, allowing them to return to the physical board from the electronic screen, free from interference such as advertising and games, improve concentration, and protect eyesight from eye damage. It is worth mentioning that the chess version has obtained the authoritative certification of the Chinese Chess Association, which can not only explain the chess culture and rules from the "0 basis", but also register on the Yuan radish to participate in the 16-13 official chess grade evaluation, and finally obtain the certification of the Chinese Chess Association. The Go version has super high chess strength from amateur level 20 to professional level 9, so that people of different levels can play with Yuan radish, and truly accompany users to practice chess. The Star Alliance function cooperates with multiple online Go platforms, and you can remotely play with friends online through Yuan radish; The Weiqi version also has built-in AI exercise refining function, which can "hand and eye" explain puzzles for users and further consolidate the knowledge of Weiqi; In addition, the yuan radish also has the function of pentoku, suitable for all ages, and the whole family can play.

1_16244865147.jpgThe appearance of the "Yuan Radish SenseRobot" AI chess robot in this Tech G shows the audience another "new entrance" in the future intelligent life of the family. Through the deep integration of traditional Chinese studies and emerging technologies, combined with the interactive experience of "frequent observation, good thinking, and action", "Yuan radish" can not only accompany the growth of children, but also allow elders to easily enjoy the fun of AI, and build an emotional bridge for the family. Truly become an AI playmate suitable for all ages, and enjoy the smart family life experience with a sense of the future in the process of man-machine chess.

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