2023 launch of smart delivery cabinets

    According to the development trend of modern goods circulation more networked, electronic and automated, our company has designed and developed intelligent express cabinet solutions and invested in related product research and development, integrating online shopping, e-commerce, logistics and other modern business operation models, integrating remote communication, GPRS positioning, automatic control and other electronic technology, it will be a new business operation model, Lead and meet people's fast, convenient, low-cost logistics consumption lifestyle. The self-catering of Panzhong intelligent express cabinets simplifies the manual operation process, improves the work efficiency and accuracy, and can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

    Smart express cabinet box material selection of different specifications of cold rolled pieces, with fire, shock, anti-theft, anti-skid and other properties, to protect the safety of express. The box lock system is used to combine physical locking and electromagnetic unlocking to ensure that the box will only be opened when the system is confirmed, and in order to ensure safety, monitoring probes will be installed around the cabinet to prevent human damage.A professional production of intelligent equipment, medical cabinets, accompanying beds and other sheet metal accessories, and design, processing, production and sales of sheet metal cabinets, chassis as one of the professional sheet metal products manufacturers. With new advanced supporting equipment: laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine and other production equipment, as well as professional sheet metal design, production team, as well as experienced technicians and management personnel, can solve problems for our customers in time to customize personalized services.

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