Product Detail

Semi-automatic pizza vending machine

Add topping and source after client paid

It supports coin payment systems in more than 150 countries around the world, 

banknote payment systems in more than 100 countries, 

and debit card and credit card online payment systems in more than 50 countries.

The local language can be upgraded conditionally

Model Number VL240111

    Sell fresh-made pizza, add topping after client paid, up to 4 types of topping material, customizing each pizza by each order, then bake the pizza
    Sturdy steel cabinet, secure door; Custom graphics and branding are an available option.
    After payment is made, the delicious pizza will be made and come out within 4 minutes.
    Real-time feedback the condition of material and machine to backstage service system.
    Fault Diagnosis-The machine can diagnose itself automatically. And the diagnosis results will be delivered promptly to the operator. This facilitates day-to-day maintenance.
    Safety-The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs, to ensure the security of the commodity, currency and equipment.
    Easy and fast one-key operation.
    Anti-theft device placed on the delivery door.
    Micro-computer to control and detect the malfunction.
    Easy to get the vending situation and statistics.
    Burglar proof design with strong tempered glass to make sure the security of the machine.
    Easy to use customer interface with LED display.
    Large lighted product display window.
    Re-configurable product selection spacing for variable package size.
    The choices are virtually endless with this snacks and drinks vending machine.
    GPRS monitoring system optional (Additional Charges).
    Machine with big display window and 15 inch touch screen for sales process.
    Application occasions: Public occasions, such as Bus/train station, Airport, Shopping mall, Squares, Commercial building and so on.


Power supply

AC220V/50-60Hz 32A; AC110V/50A;

Rated power


Storage capcity

Pizza diameter: 9   inches/10inches. Layers: 25 rows by 3 trays=75 pcs ;

Food types

1-75(max) types of pizza are able to be sold,   individual set up for price and heating time( set time as 0 for cold sales)

Machine dimension


Packaging size


Body material

Integrated foamed, better insulation and energy saving.  

Payment methods

Card/cash bill/coin(given change function)

Operation system

15 inch touch   screen, 35 inch display window and online purchase, android 5.1.

Deliver way

Lift loading

Admin platform

Cloud system

Deliver speed

2.5-3 minutes   to heat -5 food

Heating temp.

150-300; Suggested 200

Heating way(OVEN)

Far-infrared   heating(Oven);

Hot air   circulation;

Power : 3.6Kw or 5Kw 

Voltage: 110V/220V

Convection type oven;  

Size: 46cm(W) x 42cm(D) x 24cm(H);

Support pizza size: Max 10 inch pizza.

Baking area: 27cmx27cm

Heating tube life:   10,000 hours

Thermal   efficiency: 96-99%

All data is reference only, manufacture   reserve all right!

Main systems

1. Cooling   system;    2. Ordered heating system

Cooling system

Embraco 404A   or or SECOP R134a;  eco high efficient   refrigerating fluid, 735W

Cooling temp.

0 to -5   (adjustable)

Shell material

Cold-rolled   steel+Electro-static spray+ stainless steel

Moving mode

4 wheels 360   degree move

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