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Intelligent Hydroponics Family indoor Farm IVH202310S

  1. Ready-to-eat & enjoy fresh veggies from picking to the dinner table.
    2. This planting process, use no chemical pesticides, hormone, your vegetables, being safe and pollution free!
    3. Energy saving, low power consumption.
    4. Green garden mute to care your sleep with silent operation.
    5. A solution to absorb carbon dioxide and clean your indoor air increasing the oxygen supply.
    6. Fashionable, versatile, and embellished design for the home environment with stylish.

Model Number IVH202310S

l  Indoor efficient: 10 planters in less than 0.06 square meter

l  Autonomous Ecosystem: The technology to serve your family: 3 option to program the growth of your planters

l  The garden without its inconveniences: Free of unclean hands, free of back pain carrying potting soil or even victim of the rain  

l  Faster Growth: The nutriments, irrigation and photosynthesis control allows faster returns up to 20% depending of varieties 

l  Isolated Soil hazards: Pests, heavy metal pollution or pesticide residues

l  Environmentally friendly: 90% water saving compared to traditional soil agriculture  

l  Extreme Conditions: Developed for inhospitable environments such as space, the Arctic or natural disaster areas, it provides fresh basic products quickly   

l  Covering an area of o.3 square meters, the garden has a nursery to process the vegetable seedlings with its 10 pods

l  The control panel is made to program photo synthesis and irrigation which can be adapted to a wide range of plants varieties

l  Smart control system

l  The lighting mode and water cycle interval can be adjusted according to the indoor environment and the different positions of the machine at home

l  SMART lighting system: The LED system has an appropriate intensity and light spectrum, which are best suited to the growth of leafy vegetables (3 OPTION ONLY)

l  Easy and friendly to use

l  Set up your seed in pods

l  Auto programmed photo synthesis and irrigation

l  Pests free , Silent System &sheltered from storms conditions which can result in the loss of your crop


Model Number


Usage environment



H x W x D: 48 x 37x 16 cm

Package Dimension



1.6 Kg / 3.2 lbs

Growing   Capacities

1 layers :10 Planters /POD,   3.7L water tank


1 Year ( All items are   Replaceable )


( can be   obtained through cooperation if needed )

CE -EN14960-2013

ROH5 -2011/65/EU

LVD - 2014/35/EUEMC -   2014/30/EU

IS0 9001150 14001

OH5A5 18001

Input Voltage

220 Volts 110 Volts (US adapter supplied)

Electricity   usage:

0.5kWh per day 24W



Water tank

3.7 Liters

Growth Lights

LED 1:1 Full   spectrum light /3 per tray with

Temperature control



Machine fully washable

Control Panel

Smart   lightning

Package   include


Plastic   container X1, nutrient solution X 1, planting cotton X 1, planting box X1,   tweezers X1, planting column X1, power supply X1, measuring cup X1

Plant Types

Legumes,   Aromatics, Herbs, Fruit, Flowers

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